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Creación Artística y Mecenazgo en el desarrollo cultural del Mediterráneo en la Edad Moderna

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Abstract:In the debate about laissefarian economy that existed until the world crisis of 1930, and thepaternalist or socialist state (both based on planning), there was another proposal: theorganic or corporationist state whose power came from authoritarian right wing ideology.Corporationism was the clearest response of the Old Regime to the advances of Modernity.The most traditional sectors of society joined the Ecclesiastical Institution in defense oftraditional order; a kind of thinking in which Catholic intransigence, confessionalcorporationism and hispanicism converged. It this particular juncture that we will addressin this conceptual approximation.Key words:paternalist state, organic or corporationist state, corporationism, Old Regime, modernity,Church, hispanicism, cath


Rosario Camacho Martinez

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