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I needed you, I knew I was in danger

of losing what I used to think was mine

You let me love you till I was a failure,

You let me love you till I was a failure  

Your beauty on my bruise like iodine


I asked you if a man could be forgiven

And though I failed at love, was this a crime?

You said, Don't worry, don't worry, darling 

You said, Don't worry, don't you worry, darling

There are many ways a man can serve his time 

You covered up that place I could not master

It wasn't dark enough to shut my eyes

So I was with you, O sweet compassion 

Yes I was with you, O sweet compassion

Compassion with the sting of iodine 


Your saintly kisses reeked of iodine 

Your fragrance with a fume of iodine

And pity in the room like iodine 


Your sister fingers burned like iodine

And all my wanton lust was iodine

My masquerade of trust was iodine

And everywhere the flare of iodine


Leonard Cohen "Iodine"