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in Flight

Tweeting Religion in Flight

Julio Carrancho


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P. O. Box 83168, South Hills, Johannesburg, RSA Tweeting Religion in Flight


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This is a col ection of selected TWEETS posted over a period of several months on www.twit

Some editing was done on some of them, to complete the sentence, which has made those bigger than the standard maximum of 140 let ers al owed by the Twit er rule.

The selection of tweets for this book also eliminated those not directly connected with religion, while some thoughts are somehow repeated throughout the exercise, but not necessarily with the same wording.

Enjoy them.

An el ipsis […] at the end of a tweet indicates that the thought is continued or completed in the next tweet or tweets.

An el ipsis between tweets indicates change of topic.

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Tweeting Religion in Flight

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Selected tweets from my Twitter


Started tweeting June 2009

[Written in South African English]

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Tweeting Religion in Flight


= Tweeting Religion in Flight =

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1. Religion activates the saint and the devil in a victim.

The end result is unpredictable.

2. Religion is brain theft: you’re forced to think with somebody else’s brain!

3. Look attentively at the Earth from the Moon. Can you …

can you hear them?… Millions of people weeping and crying… It’s a sick planet…

4. Go look in the direction of planet Earth from the nearest star Centaurus [4.2 light-years away, 40 trillion kilometres]…

5. … through that Terrifying Deep Abyss of Darkness. Do you see us struggling with life in this isolated outback?

6. Do you think any God would arrive worried to help?…

7. A child hears a war bomb exploding nearby and cries terrified! Next, the child hears adults howling in agony…


Tweeting Religion in Flight

8. … The Almighty looks from heaven and wonders what to do for that infant …

9. … the Almighty has been wondering for millennia; wondering what to do… wondering … and then stares at his impotent bare hands…

10. Look at Planet Earth from Neptune. See anything interesting? No. There’s nothing on that planet [down here…]

11. … it’s just a tiny small bluish spinning ball, in all its lonesomeness, hovering in the Coldest Vast Void of Cosmic Nothingness.

12. Why is it there, you wonder… why is it there, you marvel?… Does it hide mysteries?… Oh, does it, indeed?…

13. Look carefully at the Earth from Mars. Can you distinguish anything?

14. Yes, it looks very small and quiet in the Vastness of the Cosmos. But look very, very attentively. Can you see the explosions of WAR BOMBS?

15. … Yes, you can! Do you also see the bodies of human beings torn to small pieces by the brutal hostilities?…

16. Look in the direction of Planet Earth from a star one million light-years away. It’s not there! What happened?!…

17. … Oh, my God! And all those human souls?!… Where are they?… Oh, God, where are they?…

18. [God could also not find them… it was a long time ago… a long, long time ago…]

Tweeting Religion in Flight


19. Free Will is a cheat. Nobody can have Free Will arrived INNOCENT in a morally messed up world, not of his/her doing!

20. …But you can choose to point the finger at the Almighty for not fixing up the wrong when it was SMALL!…

21. … If the Almighty gets aggravated, well, he needs to see a psychiatrist…

22. Most of the Cosmos is a Tenebrous Abyss of the Deepest Darkness: physical light being only an obdurate importune around the stars.

23. Before the Elohim created Light, so the myth goes, Jehovah was buried alive in the concealment of that Impenetrable Night, Genesis 1:3.

24. Go back in time and look at Planet Earth being created by God: observe his naïve smile that all was very good, Genesis 1:31! It wouldn’t …

25. … later, all was disarrayed, and had to be destroyed to give way to his Plan B: new heavens and a new Earth!

26. The Jehovah's Witnesses think they can fool everybody with their childish drawings about Adam & Eve; they do…!

27. This means Adam had already invented the scissors to trim his beard and moustache!…


Tweeting Religion in Flight

28. One day the Almighty will have to answer to this irretrievable question: “Wasn’t there a better Plan?”

29. … In all humility the Almighty will have to reply “Yes, there was, but sadly I chose the wrong one, sorry…”.

30. Religion is to be an innocent pastime between meals if nobody gets hurt.

31. Therefore, all the crimes committed in the name of a religion will be remembered in judgement…

32. … the christs that instigated all that criminality will have to bend their knees before the innocent victims!…

33. But later on there will be a huge party of goodwill to clean the cosmos of all that bad fortune. And the Photon Belt…

34. … will again roll as a pure fountain of Divine Energy…

and all will live happily for evermore.

35. The Almighty built Hell. Obviously, that wasn't the best plan!

36. Which means, the Almighty failed… To fail, therefore, is also a divine predicament…

37. However, after all the failures are repaired [after many, many reincarnations of gods and souls], there will be a wonderful party …

Tweeting Religion in Flight


38. …in Heaven for the reconciliation of the offended parties! But it's going to take a while, folks… it's going to take a while, I say…

39. The Almighty observed the very first BLIND child being born and did NOTHING to help. Not a nice gesture…

40. One was cruelly blinded for THIRTY YEARS for a miracle stunt by Jesus!… John 9:1. Like Father like Son!!…

41. Then, not one of the 12 disciples took the man by hand to the pool of Siloam to wash his eyes!… Not a charitable lot, I tell you!!…

42. And next, we have the fundamentalist exegetes come along saying the blind man had to demonstrate faith to go alone to the pool…

43. … He had been blinded by Jesus' Father for the miracle stunt!… So it goes the fable.

44. Human evolution doesn’t allow for “special people” – all are under the edict of the “Great Equaliser”: death!

45. Evolution doesn’t distinguish you from a living slice of cheese… or the dead sole of a shoe.

46. Evolution’s ultimate goal is to evolve itself to oblivion, not to consciousness…

47. But after evolution has reached its final goal, then Life in the Light will start at a Real Tempo! Am I sure about that?


Tweeting Religion in Flight

48. Not yet. Evolution doesn’t understand my cogitations about infinite progression…

49. If John had instead written that Jesus had said “I am NOT the way the truth and the life” that would be more believable by now.

50. TWO THOUSAND YEARS of aggressive religious conflicts with MANY innocent casualties to define the elusive Truth …

51. …prove that Jesus in insincerity lied to his disciples.

52. It’s therefore hard for an insightful intellect to believe a Christ that could not inspire better definitions of truth.

53. The more Religion argues against Reason the more the world will become atheistic. Praise God!

54. In an intelligent forum, religious subjectivity is not reason for a fight.

55. MIRACLES stand in the Bible to be discredited before believed. A conscientious student is not...

56. … going to play stupid and accept them at face value if they can be questioned.

57. What made the Christian Message unsuccessful for the last TWENTY CENTURIES is its intimidating vicious bullying …

Tweeting Religion in Flight


58. … in the unsound attempt to secure a moralistic revolution.

59. When Jesus insinuated that he had come to create family conflicts in Palestine [Matthew 10:35], he messed his Religious Manifesto…

60. … beyond repair. From then on, Christian bigotry thought to use FORCE to bring in the kingdom of God: a massive failure.

61. Jesus was Gay, according to the gospel of Mark [in the scholarly studies of professor Morton Smith].

62. … Read it and judge for yourself.

63. To allow too much Faith is to wither too much Reason.

It’s like eating the skin and throwing away the banana.

64. Well, one can be addicted to the drug "Faith" and as a result come to suffer from intellectual blindness.

65. The church has been in the business of taking advantage of religious superstition and fear of brutal gods, insane demiurges…

66. … and weird [dangerous] christs. If they can be pointed out as infamous and their deeds morally insulting we have then the absolute right…

67. … to stand against the church and the miracles those

“gods” sold to thrust ignorance upon the human race. It is a FAIR proposition.


Tweeting Religion in Flight

68. First we deny the miracles before accepting them as fact. Many dedicated students throughout the centuries have read those accounts with…

69. … much disdain, but the powerful Church of their days would pick up weapons and apply stringent reprisals…

70. … if the BUSINESS of religion was going to be disrupted. From my book “Let Me Explain The Bible”.

71. The burka represents the Islamic woman as only a walking vagina… to hide from promiscuous eyes…

72. God’s cop out for failing to bless humanity with a better life: “Blessed be ye poor: for yours is the kingdom of God.”, Luke 6:20.

73. … A massive lie from Jesus’ lips; no poor EVER saw any kingdom of God, EVER for the last TWENTY

CENTURIES, oh my goodness!

74. Why would Jesus’ Father want a world made of the poor and destitute? It has now been TWENTY

CENTURIES of gathering the poor for the …

75. … kingdom of God, for goodness sake!! By now, Jesus’

Father must already have MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of them …

76. … to fill up a large kingdom of God with pride!… Or not yet?…

Tweeting Religion in Flight


77. “Blessed are you the poor” [not the RCC with BILLIONS

of dollars buried in real estate alone! Other churches the same.]

78. “Blessed are the poor, for of them is the kingdom of God!” Why on earth would any God bless POVERTY, for heaven’s sake?!…

79. The Almighty saw the first poor appear. ”Bless you, my child, and your rags, for I have for you in the hereafter a blessed kingdom …

80. … where nothing of the good and fine is in short supply!”

81. Oh, Almighty, give me a bit of it, here in the before the hereafter!

82. “Mom”, asked the one-week-old little mouse, “how are we made, mom?”

83. “Well, my dear, some things in life are only learned when you reach puberty, you know… in three weeks’

time! Wow!…”

84. “What is the BEST option, here?” Ask yourself this in a conflict situation at home.

85. Conjugal conflicts involve only two persons. Ninety-nine percent of those have a better option in PEACE.

86. Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods. [Aristotle quote of the day]


Tweeting Religion in Flight

87. “It’s a PHANTASMA!”, the disciples cried out in terrible fear. Jesus calmed them by saying “It’s me [walking on water], don’t be afraid.”

88. … “It’s me, don’t be afraid.”, Matthew 14:26. This word for “spirit” appears only twice in the NT.

89. That’s what the disciples believed: in phantasmas [evil spirits]. Jesus should have replied: “Nonsense, you idiots! There are no …

90. … phantasmas anywhere!”; but he was also a superstitious Jew in that company, we are led to believe with the episode.

91. Jesus walking on water IN THE NIGHT is terribly suspicious. Had he done it at noon, I could perhaps believe [if I saw it – twice…]!…

92. Jesus had some skills for magic, having learned

“miracles” at the occult schools in Egypt [where he lived for several years, before ...

93. … going to France, Iran, Afghanistan, India, etc.]. Walk on water [at midnight] was a basic one.

94. If I saw Jesus walk on water in the strong sun at noon, going a kilometre and coming back [twice] I would believe THIS miracle!

95. … Otherwise, I still prefer to believe the moon’s core is made of French Roquefort cheese.

96. To believe in Jesus' miracles is to believe in fantasies two thousand years old, I lament…

Tweeting Religion in Flight


97. … All can be assuredly discredit ["Discrediting The Miracles of Jesus", Third Book in my book "Let Me Explain The Bible"

98. “Magos” visited Jesus in Bethlehem. That adventure cost the life of a dozen or two innocent babies at the criminal hands of a dehumanised…

99. … and brutal Herod. It became a crime to save Jesus.

Wasn’t there a better plan from this Jesus’ Father?…


The very same term “magos” appears also in

Acts as “sorcerer”. Two meanings for the price of one, depending on the product on sale!…


Like Paul condemning to hell the “pharmacists”

of his days, with the term “pharmakeia” [for witchcraft]

at Galatians 5:20 [Revelation 21:8].


The “blasphemy against the holy spirit” was Jesus’ bad mood for that day against the Pharisees, but…


… he never explained what was that “thing” he called “holy spirit”.


Yet, Jesus inferred that there are serious

skirmishes between that “holy spirit” and a dark one

[devil] having caught us humans in the middle.


Two types of “spirit” fighting one another and blaming us humans for the aberration!!… It’s not fair.


Tweeting Religion in Flight


Nobody needs any Saviour. We only needed a

better planet in a better location to have a peaceful life without humans hurting humans.


If God failed us there, he will always fail us in any other matters, regardless of all the promises of heaven and all that cheap talk!


Once a failed God always a failed God, as it were. Religion is an inoffensive pastime between meals if nobody gets hurt.


Strictly speaking, nobody gets saved of anything: people get CONVERTED to a religious set-up, that’s all.


But if you get to be a better person, let it be, of course. Yet, religion does NOT create solid friendship…

how sad that is.


Obama’s speech at Ghana’s Parliament. Fifty-three paragraphs, only once used the word God, at paragraph 42, “We are all God's children.”…


It did NOT go well in the context! Did he mean the African gods of witchcraft are the same as Allah and/or Jehovah?…


The job was too big for lightweights of Jesus’

size: to save the world. Didn’t even try in his days, never mind two thousand years later!…


And then he lied three times to his best friend John when he told him “I come soon, I come soon, I come soon!” Revelation 22.

Tweeting Religion in Flight



He didn’t, and frankly today only brainwashed bigots can still believe such a lie!


Jehovah’s Witnesses are just an urban pest like any other one. Don’t support them wasting time listening to their Armageddon threats.


Armageddon: Jehovah’s Plan C, since Plans A and B had failed by that time.


And next, Jehovah will start afresh with new heavens and a new earth. What on earth was wrong with the heavens, for heaven's sake?!…


Ah, and what about the Saviour of the World

[“kosmos”, in Greek, John 3:16], if the Earth is going to be burnt up …


… with atomic fire to open space for the new project?… Was it all a great delusion of a deity, one wonders?…


Armageddon proves irreversibly that Jehovah is a failed deity; I don’t care what Jehovah’s Witnesses tell me with an angry face.


I always ask those deluded victims if their Jehovah couldn’t come up with a better plan…? They tell me, that is a PERFECT plan, they say!!


God called a prophet using straight and direct language, like: “Hey Isaiah! Wanna be a prophet? You got it!” But next, the prophet…


Tweeting Religion in Flight


… came round here talking from both sides of his mouth, with sophism, encoded messages,

prognostications, apocalypses…


… bullying, half-baked predictions and a lot, lot more! A saintly hypocrite, in a word.


I once asked one of those prophets if he could not tell me his message in the straightest line. Answer:

“God speaks in mysterious ways!” …


And I asked him: “Then how do you know for

the surest God told you to be a prophet?!…” [His answer should have been: …


… “He made my case an exception!…”].

Therefore, please, no funds to prophets to carry on with the deception of serving God!


I maintain that's the right way to stop the farce and the religious disease!!… With my money? No!


Do churches use fraudulent techniques to get funds? It’s a question. Surely, God has a faulty Resources Plan to the financial needs of …


… his conglomerates on Earth, does He not?…

Where in the Widest Cosmos have we seen other churches suffering financial insufficiency?…


Didn’t Jesus once say “I have ALL THE POWER in Heaven and on Earth!”? Was he lying right there to his best friends?…


… If the Methodist Church is in financial trouble, then Jesus wasn’t telling the truth; as simple as that!

Tweeting Religion in Flight



Honestly, the Methodist Church does NOT

believe the words of Jesus regarding having ALL THE

POWER in Heaven and on Earth.


… ALL THE POWER in Heaven and on Earth. All the power FOR WHAT?!… Two thousand years of

“kicking against the pricks”!…


It’s the simplest of equations, folks. If Jesus had all the power in heaven and on earth, his church would have not gone through …


… financial constraints for TWO THOUSAND

YEARS and counting!! Therefore: it is a quadratic equation always giving result ZERO!


“All power in heaven and on earth was given unto me!”, the biggest lie ever told by any christ!! What a liar this Jesus Christ was!…


Sixty years later, one of his disciples, John, was bitterly complaining that his church was plagued with MANY antichrists and heretics ...


... [1 John 4:1]! Where was the Jew’s christ’s all power to keep his church clean?!…


A terrible liar, that Jesus! Never did the church run a smooth ride. You believe that Jewish christ at your own peril, I say.


Think about it hard: Jesus is put as having said

“ALL POWER IN HEAVEN AND ON EARTH was given unto me from now on!”, Matthew 28:18.


Tweeting Religion in Flight


Think hard about this outrageous cheat. It is now TWO THOUSAND YEARS later, and the church is still trying to win the human race…


… for that Jewish chist! It is the biggest failure in the Cosmos!… The church is the greatest DECEPTION

that ever existed, I tell you!


And what is worse is that people give their money to churches to keep this Jesus Liar going!! Come on!…


No, Jesus did NOT have ALL power in heaven

and/or on earth! He had NO power, that’s for sure. He lied to his best friends!


Two thousand years of failures and much

bloodshed in and through his so-called church prove the point!…


All power in heaven for what?!… Why would

Jesus need to exercise ALL POWER in heaven, if the situation up there was running …


… as smooth as it could be?!… Jesus lied… to his best friends, I repeat.


But you need to remember that Jehovah is going to make NEW HEAVENS sometime. That means the situation in heaven is not the best. He needs…


… to demolish the system and start afresh, the Almighty! It’s the biggest joke in the cosmos, really it is!


I don’t hate religion, no; please don’t misquote me, I intercede. I, on the other hand, detest christs with all power…

Tweeting Religion in Flight



… in heaven and on earth but do NOTHING to fix the gods’ wrongs! There you are!


The most outrageous declaration of Jesus: “I come not to bring peace but a sword”, Matthew 10:34!!


The reason he came to bring a sword was that DYNAMITE was not yet discovered!


The Christ of the Jews of TWENTY CENTURIES

ago taught his followers in Palestine that his Father blessed the POOR of those days!


He said: “Blessed are the POOR, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”! Crap!!! He lied! Not one of those poor Jews ever went to …


… whatever kingdom of heaven! Jesus was a

pathologic LIAR.


Why would Jesus’ God bless the poor with

indigence and suffering?! Why would Jesus’ Father feel it was nice to see Jews of Jesus’ days…


… being VICTIMS of poverty?!… Jesus wasn’t

mentally well, I’m afraid.


Jesus’ model of a blessed human being [Matthew 5]: Poor, suffering from indigence, impecuniousness, penury, destitution and …


… hardship. Mourning, in heartbroken pain,

sorrow and bereavement. Meek, unmotivated, docile, shiftless and submissive.


Tweeting Religion in Flight


Hungering for righteousness, heart-oppressed, victimised and throbbing with injustice.


Merciful, in all his poverty and heartbrokenness towards God’s injustices in his life.


With a clean heart amidst his dysfunctional lifestyle of utter need. A peacemaker, in a world of strife of classes and religions…


… hurt and poor while God looks unimpressed from above. Persecuted and insulted for righteousness according to God’s perspective…


… a most cruel finale in the beatitudes display!

That is: a human being supposed to be of the highest moral virtue, but next being …


… persecuted for being a godly model! Jesus wasn’t mentally sound, I’m afraid!…


Therefore: How insulting of Jesus of Nazareth to glorify and glamorise POVERTY and its increments of injustice …


… in a world brutalised by religion. Jesus

deserved to be punished by Rome, I’m afraid…


If the world was to be “blessed” with the largest crowds of poor human beings [“Blessed are the poor”, Luke 6:20]…


… no intellectual and scientific progress would have ever been achieved. That is, Jesus’ Father wanted a planet of indigence and suffering!


… Jesus and his Holy Father were a duet of

insanity, I’m afraid…

Tweeting Religion in Flight



Blessed are the poor [Luke 6:20], an insulting beatitude. For theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Crap!

Nobody here is a monarchist!


What are the poor humans going to do in the kingdom of heaven, for heaven’s sake?!… What, indeed?!!…


“… For theirs is the kingdom of heaven”, what a cheat! That kingdom belongs to Jesus’ Father! The poor will keep on being poor in that heaven…


… no real estate, assets or property for anybody up there, that’s absolutely certain…


The poor will keep being vagrants, hobos and squatters in that kingdom, I assure them…


“Blessed be the poor”, said Jesus, because he envied those who produced wealth with their hard labour. He was a lazy bum…


Twenty centuries blessing the poor and poverty in this planet! God is not to be trusted, folks. Twenty centuries…


… blessing poverty and the poor, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven! Crap! Look at the pope and his wealth!! He was…


… therefore not blessed by the Jewish Christ’s Father, I tell you…


God’s evasive for failing to bless humanity with a better life and a better located planet: “Blessed be ye poor…


Tweeting Religion in Flight


… for yours is the kingdom of God.”, Luke 6:20.

A colossal fib in the lips of that Jewish Jesus; no poor ever, ever, EVER saw…


… any kingdom of God, EVER, for the last

TWENTY CENTURIES! Unreal, this gospel for the poor, poor victims!…


Besides, kingdoms were all oppressive tyrannies.

We discovered Democracy to be much better than God's kingdom… God lied to us…


“Blessed are the poor”, in Jesus’ language, but he was a cheater of a Jewish christ, deceiving his audience with parables condemning wealth…


… like in the one of Lazarus and the rich man.

One of the most ridiculous parables in the catalogue.


If the poor will inherit the kingdom of heaven, man, after TWENTY CENTURIES of collecting them from the four corners of the earth there…


… must be ENOUGH already for a good-sized

kingdom! What is the Almighty waiting for, for goodness’ sake?!…


… His kingdom is now enriched to the brim with the poor… oh, glory!


Total incineration of Earth is Jehovah’s Plan C, to rehabilitate himself from the nightmare of Plan A and Plan B failures!


Plan A: he created the Heavens and the Earth, and said it was excellent.

Tweeting Religion in Flight



Plan B, the devil messed up his Plan A and he had to bring in a world Saviour.


Plan C, the Saviour didn’t help much, and after Armageddon had to come …


… the referred TOTAL INCINERATION to make

New Heavens and a New Earth, what the hell!!…


Jehovah is certainly a failed deity, hiding in shame now somewhere in the Cosmos. In order to attempt to preserve his credentials…


… he orchestrated all those Plans, from A to C, and beyond, who knows…


And there shall be no night there [Revelation 22:5]. Jehovah’s Secret Plan! Before there was night in heaven; but later Jehovah changed plan…


… because something went wrong up there! The problem is to believe that new plan, since an Almighty was supposed NOT to fail…


No night in heaven. Always 12 o’clock, as it were. All the saints sitting in rows, under the new light; perfect discipline.


Singing alleluias in perpetual unison, same tone, and same harmony. In the eternal sun, for heaven’s sake!…


No night in the new heavens. No variation of anything; always 12 o’clock of the same eternal day; perpetual temperature…


Tweeting Religion in Flight


… 23.8 Celsius. “Hey, colleague: what’s the time?

Hey! Don’t you know?!!… TWELVE O’CLOCK DON’T ASK



“Piss off you! This new heaven and always 12 PM

depresses me to madness! Is there a psychiatrist somewhere here in heaven?…


“Freud’s over there; go ask him in private. He knows a ghetto nearby where hashish is given for free…


“Hashish in the new heaven?!… Yes, what the hell! Pleasure, my friend, forever, you see…? Go ask Freud!…”Well, it’s to be…


… a new heaven with no darkness, no night, God said, you see? Always 12 PM, 23.8 degrees. Ask the Jehovah’s Witnesses if I’m wrong.


It was an amendment to the previous Heaven’s Constitution, whereby the heavenly clock had to be stopped for good at exactly 12.


No, I don’t believe there will be hashish in the new heaven!!… Oh, yeah?! Well, what about the Islamic virgins and perpetual erection, huh?!


Yeah, but the virgins are a special treatment ONLY for the martyrs, do you know?… OK, always done in the open, always at 12 PM!


Virgins at 12 PM, always?!… While the heavenly choir’s going?…


It’s the New Heaven, guys, where there is no night, you got it? Hashish, virgins, psychiatrists, the lot!!

Tweeting Religion in Flight



Another idiotic-before-becoming-dangerous

pastor, praying for Obama’s death


Can you imagine people supporting this outrage with their money?!!…


I pray for the utter demise of the church, and a happy hashish-smoking-forever-at-12PM-while-the-choir-goes in heaven for all of us…


And there will be no more night nor deluded Baptist pastors in the “Always-12PM-alleluia-heaven”!


That Baptist pastor is an enemy of Jehovah, for Jehovah does indeed love Obama and all liberal freethinkers of his stature. Why not?


Want a better world? Do you really, really? STOP

giving ANY church any money!! In 50 years we will have it.


In 50 years we’ll have achieved more GOOD on Earth than TWENTY CENTURIES of gospel preaching and worldwide missionary endeavours!


I mean it! STOP giving ANY MONEY to any

church, and God will be pleased with you to his heart!

God will bless this world again.


The church is a macabre circus; religion being an inoffensive pastime between meals if nobody gets hurt.


Tweeting Religion in Flight


However, the church is primarily in the business of HURTING innocent victims; those who help religious parasitism go.


Oh, well. But then there will be a New Heaven where there will be no night: always 12PM and the pestering choir!!


And what about those unfortunates who will go to Hell? Well, in that eternal well is where they will Hell would be a shorter passage.


But, no. They spent 50 years here on earth

offending Yahweh, and the punishment was going to be, just for the first phase, this…


… astonishing amount of years:


69282740322848554460789583220! And next comes phase two!!


Phase one in Hell, to pay for your 50 years of mischief in this planet: 98 lots of 889 trillions of 945



… of 86 billions of 904 lots of 501 millions of years!!


That is two and a half lots of uncountable zillions of billions of years in Hell for your 50 years of maladjustment to this life!


Ah, and Hitler & Mussolini will pay a bit more for all their cruelty, remember… Don’t play stupid with Jehovah, you got that?!…

Tweeting Religion in Flight



“And there will be no more night” in heaven. The angels used the night for naughty subversions & seditions. Plus hashish in the dark.


And Lucifer took great advantage to plot his schemes trying to implant DEMOCRACY in place of that oppressive monarchic regime.


Failed in the first attempt. To avoid a second rebellion, Jehovah switched on ALL the lights in the New Heaven!


Always 12PM for everybody no matter what, you see [you see always what’s going on]! No carbon foot to worry about.


Always 12 PM in the New Heaven [after Jehovah destroyed the old Earth and the Old Heavens – the angels, Jesus and the catholic saints had...


… to be temporarily accommodated in a squatter camp at a safe distance, not to be affected by the incineration and the radioactive fumes].


When the radioactive pollution was dispersed, Jehovah went to switch on ALL the lights just installed in the New Heaven [to have a permanent…


…12 PM], and then in thorough pleasure invited his Holy Son and his entourage back inside! Oh, the holy choir and the alleluias, oh!


12 PM in the New Heaven! Time to remain calm and keep singing ad nauseam the same old arrhythmic choruses of always!


Tweeting Religion in Flight


12 PM in the Eternally Same New Heaven of the Old Decrepit Yahweh of Many Skirmishes: Saints in well kept rows singing Old Choruses…


… in the Old Unison without clapping hands for a season [due to unseasoned palm-swallowing…].


“And there will be no more night in the New Heaven”, for there were much too many nights already, and nothing improved that much! So much so…


…that ALL the heavens were incinerated with atomic power [Fire from Jehovah’s Mouth and its light collected to keep the New Heaven at 12 PM]!


Jehovah has no reason to attack us and destroy our natural habitat. It’s OUR planet, not his! If he wants to do some good …


… then we might reward him with some alleluias, otherwise piss off and leave us alone!


Go pester other civilizations somewhere beyond the Big Bang! We deserved a better god, you hear!!!


Yes, we deserved a better god than this

vociferous and violent Jehovah/Yahweh of Moses, incapable of two gestures of goodwill.


Moses was coming down from Mount Sinai with the Ten Commandment under his arms, where he was the first to read …

Tweeting Religion in Flight



… the capital letters “THOU SHALT NOT KILL!”.

As soon as he arrived back in the camp, he ordered the killing of…


… THREE THOUSAND of his friends! Exodus

32:28. I call that Patriarch the First Terrorist of Canaan.


Killed THREE THOUSAND friends for nothing!

There was no crime in the business. They were only enjoying the wine stolen from the Egyptians!


What do you call a Patriarch that kills THREE

THOUSAND men in one day for nothing? Moses, The Terrorist! [Exodus 28:32]


They were only worshiping a calf made with

eighty kilos of stolen gold from the Egyptians, that’s all!


The slaves were only drunk with two kiloliters of wine stolen from the previous masters in Egypt!


Was it any reason to kill two thousand of them in a day, after reading three times "Thou Shalt Not Kill!"?


Even a holy Patriarch should not kill THREE

THOUSAND of his friends because of some gold & wine stolen from the Egyptians!


Much less if they were having a good time

worshiping another god made of gold stolen from the previous masters!


You believe this biblical story at your own peril! I believe the moon is made of French Roquefort cheese!


Tweeting Religion in Flight


Religion is never fair; Religion separates best friends; families.


Religion is intellectual retardation. Worshiping a Perpetually Invisible Almighty is not a sign of wisdom.


Jesus was an arrogant chap; no self-abnegation, no humility. The Pharisees suggested he should tell his disciples to wash their hands …


…before meals. Jesus got so aggravated that he spitted out one of the most aggressive reactions described in the canonical gospels. Matthew 15.


The Pharisees had seen the disciples clean their backsides with their bare hands, behind some rock …


… and next bless children, eat a meal and

scratch their heads. No hygiene whatsoever.


Jesus gave long lectures, only interrupted to go defecate behind a rock, while his disciples watched.


Later in that chapter, he preaches for three days, before the multiplication of fish & bread. THREE



Where did the “Sacred College” emptied their bowels?… Where did they clean their backsides?!…


Then they went and distributed the food with those dirty hands!! The Pharisees were right: the

“Sacred College” was a herd of pigs!…


It was a good tradition of the Pharisees to clean their hands before touching food! Jesus was a pig in the sense that he rejected the advice.

Tweeting Religion in Flight



Imagine a son of a Jewish god – Jehovah –

unaware of the dangers of eating with dirty hands! It is sure that Jesus…


… defecated behind rocks and trees, and next cleaned himself with whatever at hand!… A real pig of a christ, no offence.


Then Jesus called the Pharisees “hypocrites”

[verse 7, misquoting the OT] for telling him to wash his smelly hands!!! He next called …


…the crowds and insulted those who had

something good to teach him! No wonder later the Pharisees took a nice revenge and crucified that lord!



Well, Jesus had to die one way or another. I think his Father went the most violent form unnecessarily…


… while there were other less horrible forms of death, like drowning, ran by a truck, stung by a bee, lightning, etc.


Also, if Jesus had to die to satisfy his holy Father, why not killed by Herod, together with the other innocents?…


Herod killed two dozens of babies trying to catch Jesus. God was alert and rescued his begotten Child on time to Egypt. Nice father…


I’m sure archangel Michael thought to himself:

“Crap! Killing innocent babies to save the son of Jehovah!! Crap, man!…”


Tweeting Religion in Flight


… Wasn’t there a better plan in this Jehovah’s brain, for heaven’s sake?!!… Why not kill Herod instead?!!…


For God so loved the world that he decided to use Herod and the wise men from the east to MURDER

innocent babies…


… that had never done anything wrong against Jehovah! All that to save his Holy Child, you remember?…


For God so loved the world?!! Yeah! And what about those two dozen INNOCENT babies, MURDERED

by Herod to protect Jehovah’s Child?!…


If Jesus had to die to save the world, what happened to Jehovah’s brain that he forgot those INNOCENT babies around Bethlehem…


… MURDERED by Herod because of three WISE

men arrived from the east?!… Wise men, holy crap!…


Jehovah failed, and his Original Plan to save the world via his Begotten Infant & Mary flopped up!


No decent god plans a world salvation by first MURDERING innocent children!!!…